e.l.f Illuminating Palette:​ and how I am 100% using it wrong

As I fuel my new found makeup obsession, I decided to start purchasing products in the e.l.f line because they are cheap yet are good quality ( win win). My most recent purchase was the Illuminating Palette.

nice looking right? right 

The palette comes with four sparkly colors (shades, blushes, idk) and I just use a regular what I assume is blush brush to apply it.

So when I bought this I assumed it was a highlighter, because, like the silly girl I can sometimes be, I didn’t read the box. While using this product I have concluded that it is not a highlighter per se, but some type of blush that sparkles.



I use it now as a sparkly blush…I mean… it works? Not sure if that’s the correct use but I’m just gonna go with it.

I would recommend buying it for all makeup users (new and experienced) because for the money, it is a really good product and if you know what you’re doing it probably is a great addition to your collection.

Comment below your makeup purchasing blunders and how to use this stuff cause I really don’t know.

e.l.f Poreless Primer

I have done it people! I have bought what I consider to be my first big girl makeup item. I purchased the e.l.f Poreless Primer.


So I had no clue what the hell I was doing or how to do it but I think I actually did it right. Hallelujah. I made sure I had already scrubbed my face (which I think you’re supposed to do) and moisturized and dried it. I applied a quarter sized amount (I don’t know what the standard is).


I mean the amount seemed fine. I personally thought it was too much, but I’m also not used to having stuff only my face.

My overall thoughts are that it was great for a first primer, but also I’m not sure what the desired end result should be. My face did look smoother when I applied foundation, but I did feel like I was wearing a crap ton of makeup. I might try to go for something lighter once I run out of this, but overall I enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading. Share your own experience with face primers and the do’s and dont’s in the comments!


Smashbox Eyeshadow Palette

As I start up this blog I will be doing a What’s In My Makeup Bag. Number 1 on the list: Smashbox Eyeshadow Palette.


I use this whenever I need eyeshadow. As you can tell I basically only use two colors. 😅


However this is great cause it gives a range of colors from lights to dark that are great for everyday. I also use the plain dark brown for my eyebrows which I will show in another post. (Yeah I’m that inexperienced with make up that I use eyeshadow for my brows.)

I love the formula for this eyeshadow too as just a little will usually last me the whole day without having to re-apply.

lol at my attempt to swatch, hopefully it will get better as I practice this

Overall this product is a great stocking stuffer, or addition to your travel make up bag. Whatever your makeup level experience is, I’m sure you will enjoy!!

*I am in no way affiliated with Smashbox cosmetics or sponsored by them 

Makeup Guru…NOT

My friends when finding out that I would include a section of my blog dedicated to make up laughed out loud. It’s not that I do terrible makeup, its that I rarely wear a full face and I know nothing about counter, or primer, or which brush to use for what. But that’s not the point of this blog.


Trial and Error is about exactly that. Trying things and sometimes failing. There is a makeup section of this blog. It’s for me to try things and share with others who maybe also know nothing about makeup or to get laughed out and advised by people who actually know what they are doing. It’s for me to show my success as well as my failure.


So yes, there is a make up section of this blog, run by a girl who bought foundation for the first time last week. And it’s gonna rock!



The Beauty of Drugstore Makeup: L’Oreal True Match Foundation

Anyone who knows me knows that I tend not to wear a lot of makeup at one time (I will do maybe eye shadow one day, lipstick the next, but rarely a full face). Because I never wear full faces of makeup I thought I didn’t need a good foundation. However lately I found myself obsessed with that smooth skin glow that foundation gives and I decided I needed one.

Again, sense I don’t use foundation, I didn’t find it necessary to buy an expensive 5 star foundation for my first one. So I went to my favorite make up supplier, CVS.

There was no particular reason for choosing True Match it was just inexpensive and matched my color so I bought it but hun, let me tell you. I love this stuff.



I rarely have breakouts that leave dark spots but this was one of the few times I did and it completely covered it without me needing to use concealer or anything I just slapped that shit on my face and wallaa (wha la how do I spell that sound like ???) my face was smooth, blemish free, I was loving it.

It was nice, even, and best of all did not leave me shiny which was my fear about using foundation even if it is powder it always looks weird to me on my friends. I would 100% recommend this for anyone who either is looking for an inexpensive option or needs something quick that works incredibly well.

 *i am not affiliated with L’Oréal this was just a personal recommendation*