e.l.f Illuminating Palette:​ and how I am 100% using it wrong

As I fuel my new found makeup obsession, I decided to start purchasing products in the e.l.f line because they are cheap yet are good quality ( win win). My most recent purchase was the Illuminating Palette.

nice looking right? right 

The palette comes with four sparkly colors (shades, blushes, idk) and I just use a regular what I assume is blush brush to apply it.

So when I bought this I assumed it was a highlighter, because, like the silly girl I can sometimes be, I didn’t read the box. While using this product I have concluded that it is not a highlighter per se, but some type of blush that sparkles.



I use it now as a sparkly blush…I mean… it works? Not sure if that’s the correct use but I’m just gonna go with it.

I would recommend buying it for all makeup users (new and experienced) because for the money, it is a really good product and if you know what you’re doing it probably is a great addition to your collection.

Comment below your makeup purchasing blunders and how to use this stuff cause I really don’t know.