WTHM Week 2 Report

Hello all who are interested!

My WTHM Week 2 goal failed miserably. Basically the only thing I accomplished this week was making some delicious salmon:


and doing a couple of quick sketches which I will post later. Maybe. Most likely. Probably not.

I also ate a crap ton of junk this week….so there’s that.

At first I was dreading making this post because I would have to admit to all my 16 followers ( thanks for that by the way. Y’all the real ones!) that I barely did what I set out to do this week. Then I remembered that the point of this blog is to showcase both the great moments and the failures.

So here I am, admitting that I failed this week. That’s okay though cause everyone fails sometimes. You think that girl on instagram automatically started working out and got a killer bod? No, she probably cried into a cake a few times before she got the hang of it.

This weeks Working Towards a Healthier Me goals will be posted tomorrow. As always, I encourage those who are also on a jounrey of self improvment to share their goals on this post as well and wish you luck on your endeavours.


WTHM Week 2

This is week two of my WTHM series. This week’s goals have not changed much mostly because I had some set backs but there are a few differences.


I don’t have a specific work out plan yet, but my goal is to work out at least 4 times this week mostly focusing on defining my abs, legs, and building endurance. I will post whatever routines I use at the end of the week.


I will be trying to make this salmon recipe this week since I did not get the chance last week.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 1.16.16 AM

Again, I do not have an actual stove do to my house renovation so we will see how well it turns out in the toaster oven thing.

Things to Accomplish:

I will try to finish my Spanish and Python courses, as well as do one new art piece which I will post if it turns out well.

Feel free to post your goals for the week!


WTHM: Week 1 Report

Today ends week one of the Working Towards a Healthier Me series I’ve decided to start. Overall it was difficult and the only goals I was able to fully accomplish was my exercise routine. I did days 1-6 and will be doing the remaining days next week. 2b64a18468bec144124905e86c41d79c

I did not drink my goal of water every day so that will be reoccurring on this weeks WTHM. I also was unable to make the meals I wanted but I did eat healthy when I went out.

The first is the Curry Up Bowl from this new vegan restaurant called Upbeet. I thought I would hate it but it was surprisingly amazing. The second is maple glazed salmon with steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes since I was unable to make the fish dish I wanted.

As for my goal of finishing my Python course, I kid you not, right as I was nearing the end, the course updated and I got set back about 5 lessons so I’m still working on that as well as my Spanish course.

So that was last week. In general, I am proud that I attempted these goals and even accomplished some. This upcoming week’s  WTHM will be posted tomorrow!


WTHM: Week 1

For the first week of the Working Towards a Healthier Me series, I have decided that I will post this week’s plans/ goals to hold myself some what accountable and hopefully make it more realistic for me to accomplish by sharing.

I will report my progress at the end of the week!

Exercise Routine:


I will be trying this routine I found on Pinterest for the week. I may make changes to certain exercises but I will be following this day plan and will write a detailed post on the reps and duration along with how it worked for me at the end of the week.

Food Plan:

I am currently in the middle of renovating my house so I do not have access to a stove. Therefore the plan for this week is to just be as healthy as possible while still ordering things I want. So if I get a burger, I will make sure to substitute my fries with a salad or fruit or something. If I can I will try to make the two recipes pictured below because they can be made in my microwave oven. Also, I will be working in at least 24 oz of water a day (about two deer park bottles).

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 1.16.31 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-07-26 at 1.16.16 AM.png

Things I Want to Accomplish:

I hope to finish my Python coding class and finish the Spanish course on Duolingo.