Makeup Guru…NOT

My friends when finding out that I would include a section of my blog dedicated to make up laughed out loud. It’s not that I do terrible makeup, its that I rarely wear a full face and I know nothing about counter, or primer, or which brush to use for what. But that’s not the point of this blog.


Trial and Error is about exactly that. Trying things and sometimes failing. There is a makeup section of this blog. It’s for me to try things and share with others who maybe also know nothing about makeup or to get laughed out and advised by people who actually know what they are doing. It’s for me to show my success as well as my failure.


So yes, there is a make up section of this blog, run by a girl who bought foundation for the first time last week. And it’s gonna rock!



Installment 1: Pre-College Jitters

For some reason, I have this notion in my head that everyone is supposed to reinvent themselves for college. I range from moments of being so excited and hyped up to go to moments of incredible fear causing me to want to curl up in my bed and never leave my room. Luckily the moments of excitement out-number the moments of fear.

I’ve decided that sense this is a pivotal moment in my life and others I would share some of my fears and excitements and hope others post their own as we weather out this storm together.

(even number = excitements, odd numbers = fears)

  1. One huge shared bathroom:

I am dead-ass terrified of having to share a bathroom. Why? Because 1. people can be disgusting, 2. No baths, 3. I refuse to sit my ass on a toilet seat that is not my own, 4. The trek back to my room during the winter months will prob be freezing.

2. Moving to Boston

While I am going to miss my hometown, I am excited to live in a city where the public transportation doesn’t suck and I can actually walk places! All the times I have visited Boston, it’s been easy to get around and I just love the feel of the city overall.

3. Freshman 15

Even though I try not to be I can be a little vain and I am relatively happy with the condition of my body right now. That said, I have always bee naturally thin and rarely work out and love to eat so I’m a little nervous of what might happen if I don’t get an exercise regime and eat well.

4. Choosing courses and learning things I’m actually interested about

After 7 years of being bored out of my mind  in history courses I’m so excited to finally start taking courses that relate to my major and choosing other things I just want to learn about to fill my other requirements.

5. Maintaining contact with high school friends

I suck at keeping in touch with people so I’m gonna need to work on that.

6. Sleeping past 8 everyday (no classes before 10:30 wohoo!!!)

Like, no one understands how hype I am about this. I have never in my life imagined getting to wake up after 8 every day. I am so so so happy.

Please share if you have any of these same fears and/ or excitements as well as your own!! Let’s get through this together! *sings high school musical*

Freshman Year Journey: Part 1 Orientation + 6 tips to make it easier

Over my first year of college I will be posting all of what I consider to be major events/ interesting to share and I hope others feel compelled to comment and submit post for me to share about their experiences as well. So here goes the first one. Orientation and class registration!

I am attending BU ( if any of my class mates follow or read this blog do not mention it to me I will die of embarrassment) and recently flew to Boston for my orientation.


Overall the experience was great yet a little overwhelming. There was so much packed into three short days. I was meeting new friends, meeting deans and advisors, meeting current students, registering for classes, and trying to find a job. Chaotic right?

The most difficult part for me was class registration because I didn’t realize labs and lectures along with whatever else is part of the course was at different times on different days. Completely screwed up my planning haha. But I figured it out and have no classes before 10:30 am! *victory dance*


Here are a 6 tips that I wish I’d known before going to help others. Feel free to comment your own tips and experience and I will feature you in a later freshman year post!


  1. Pack a range of outfits from casual to business casual and suitable for hot weather and cold (think multiple pieces that can be layered). Pay special attention to weather if you are not from that region!
  2. Don’t be afraid to be awkward. There will be awkward pauses and moments when you don’t know what to say when meeting people. Just role with it, it will work out in the end.
  3. For god’s sake don’t do the whole “re invent yourself” thing. I tried. It didn’t work I ended up either  a. feeling dumb or b.just acting like myself in the end.
  4. Have a relatively good idea of the orientation schedule. This avoids being late to events (where I guarantee every eye will turn to you if you walk in late) and also gives you a better idea of what your wardrobe should be.
  5. CHECK THAT YOU BRING YA DAMN CHARGERS! I left my phone charger and had to borrow others cause they were like 23 bucks for an iPhone cord on campus. This didn’t leave enough battery for snapchat and insta photos.
  6. Just have fun. Everyone is there for the first time as a committed student. Everyone is nervous and no one knows what is going on. Just enjoy getting to know people and your campus, let loose (not so loose as to get expelled though), and have fun!


The Beauty of Drugstore Makeup: L’Oreal True Match Foundation

Anyone who knows me knows that I tend not to wear a lot of makeup at one time (I will do maybe eye shadow one day, lipstick the next, but rarely a full face). Because I never wear full faces of makeup I thought I didn’t need a good foundation. However lately I found myself obsessed with that smooth skin glow that foundation gives and I decided I needed one.

Again, sense I don’t use foundation, I didn’t find it necessary to buy an expensive 5 star foundation for my first one. So I went to my favorite make up supplier, CVS.

There was no particular reason for choosing True Match it was just inexpensive and matched my color so I bought it but hun, let me tell you. I love this stuff.



I rarely have breakouts that leave dark spots but this was one of the few times I did and it completely covered it without me needing to use concealer or anything I just slapped that shit on my face and wallaa (wha la how do I spell that sound like ???) my face was smooth, blemish free, I was loving it.

It was nice, even, and best of all did not leave me shiny which was my fear about using foundation even if it is powder it always looks weird to me on my friends. I would 100% recommend this for anyone who either is looking for an inexpensive option or needs something quick that works incredibly well.

 *i am not affiliated with L’Oréal this was just a personal recommendation*


Finding Scholarships Part 1

When applying to college, all students are concerned with one thing. The mantra repeats on a loop in their mind. “How do I find money? Where do I get money? Money, money, money, money…” Well I’m here to help and also ruin your life because you are not done applying yet. Now it’s time to start (cue drum roll) applying for  SCHOLARSHIPS!
All right so now that I have delivered the devastating news that you’re not done applying to stuff, let’s discuss how to find these scholarships.
I’m sure you have already received emails from websites such as Fastweb and and yes you should sign up for them. It may seem like it will  just be a bunch of unwanted spam mail but trust me, you will be able to find some good stuff from these sites.
But that is not all, oh no. You need to search more on your own. And don’t be afraid of those essays! There are so many scholarships out there that people don’t apply for simply cause they don’t feel like writing a few more essays and let me be the first to say that is ASININE. FREE FREAKING MONEY IN EXCHANGE FOR A FEW HUNDRED WORDS? HELL YEAH! Trust me when I say you will most likely get so many simply because people will not apply.
So go for it! Apply to those scholarships and get that cash!




*I do not own these images. All were found on google photos. 

Products Review: Pantene Curl Perfection

Let me just start by saying I love love love Pantene. My mom has been using this on my hair since I was old enough for regular people shampoo and it has never disappointed. That said, as I move into this new natural hair movement, I was a little nervous that my favorite shampoo and conditioner line would fail me when it came to nourishing my curls. And let me tell ya, THIS STUFF STILL BANGING!


I randomly decided to pick these products up cause I was out of my previous shampoo and conditioner line and tired of using it. My hair had been straight for about a month and I really wanted something new as I reverted back to curly. The shampoo lathered up really well and completely annexed all the dirt from my scalp (and there was some diiirrrrtt) and the conditioner provided enough slip that it was easy to comb through my curls.

Not only that but my curl pattern had fully reverted by the time I was out of the shower which rarely happens after my first wash post straight hair. I barely needed any curl activator to bring my curls back to life. Bonus point? This shit sparkles like the golden surface of the sun *cue angels harmonizing*


All in all I loved the results I got from this stuff and I can’t wait to use it again next wash day.

Look at that definition. This is without other products!!


This is in no way sponsored by Pantene and I am not affiliated with the company.