More Info on Blog Plans (6.24.17)


Beauty Section:

While I save up to buy more products for reviews, I will be going through my makeup bag and sharing what I use now, how I like it, and also showing how I do my makeup now as a basic tutorial.


Right now, the plan is to share more about the college search and application process as well as my experiences so far as an entering freshman (the good and the bad).


Let’s Talk:

While I will be sharing a few Let’s Talk post, this section of the blog won’t really be up and running until there are more subscribers and I’m able to make connections with others. 

That’s all! I just wanted to give a little more insight to this blogs direction at this moment! 

Love, Jess 

Welcome / Plan (6.24.17)

Welcome to Trial and Error! Home of the weird, the funny, the embarrassing, and the human!

This blog was created 6.21.17 so please be patient as it works out the kinks and gets a handle on the situation.

The plan over the next week or two for this blog is to create a shit load of content. That way until a schedule for posting is organized, there is enough material to generate follows and subscribers and eventually (hopefully, cross your fingers that this runs how I want it to) a community where everyone shares, and multiple perspectives can be read.

The content will range from silly to weird to serious to random, just like the content of the human brain. Because that is what this blog is supposed to showcase, humanity.

That’s all for now folks! Thanks for clicking and thank you even more (wow what is grammar) to those who choose to stick around.

Much love, Jess