Products Review: Pantene Curl Perfection

Let me just start by saying I love love love Pantene. My mom has been using this on my hair since I was old enough for regular people shampoo and it has never disappointed. That said, as I move into this new natural hair movement, I was a little nervous that my favorite shampoo and conditioner line would fail me when it came to nourishing my curls. And let me tell ya, THIS STUFF STILL BANGING!


I randomly decided to pick these products up cause I was out of my previous shampoo and conditioner line and tired of using it. My hair had been straight for about a month and I really wanted something new as I reverted back to curly. The shampoo lathered up really well and completely annexed all the dirt from my scalp (and there was some diiirrrrtt) and the conditioner provided enough slip that it was easy to comb through my curls.

Not only that but my curl pattern had fully reverted by the time I was out of the shower which rarely happens after my first wash post straight hair. I barely needed any curl activator to bring my curls back to life. Bonus point? This shit sparkles like the golden surface of the sun *cue angels harmonizing*


All in all I loved the results I got from this stuff and I can’t wait to use it again next wash day.

Look at that definition. This is without other products!!


This is in no way sponsored by Pantene and I am not affiliated with the company.