About Trial and Error

This is just a random photo of Boston cause I had no clue what to put here and I love Boston so much 

The summer of 2017, Jessica was browsing the internet when she realized there were very few platforms depicting imperfection but rather they were all made by people who had already experienced failures and seemed to get “it”. She decided she would make a platform for herself and others to share the perfect and imperfect moments of life, thus Trial and Error was born.

Trial and Error is a blog dedicated to imperfection. It is a place for people to share their experiences, both good and bad about all things in life in order for us all to navigate this crazy joy ride together and lend a hand to others. Trial and Error is a community and is founded with the hope that all will feel safe and be willing to contribute to it as it grows.

About the Creator


Jessica is a currently about to start her freshman year of college. She is a decidedly awkward and imperfect human being who wants to share her experiences with others. She is not accredited or fantastic but she believes she has few things she can share with the world as the world shares with her. That was an incredibly cheesy line and Jessica is done with this about page now cause it’s making her nauseous.