WTHM: Week 1 Report

Today ends week one of the Working Towards a Healthier Me series I’ve decided to start. Overall it was difficult and the only goals I was able to fully accomplish was my exercise routine. I did days 1-6 and will be doing the remaining days next week. 2b64a18468bec144124905e86c41d79c

I did not drink my goal of water every day so that will be reoccurring on this weeks WTHM. I also was unable to make the meals I wanted but I did eat healthy when I went out.

The first is the Curry Up Bowl from this new vegan restaurant called Upbeet. I thought I would hate it but it was surprisingly amazing. The second is maple glazed salmon with steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes since I was unable to make the fish dish I wanted.

As for my goal of finishing my Python course, I kid you not, right as I was nearing the end, the course updated and I got set back about 5 lessons so I’m still working on that as well as my Spanish course.

So that was last week. In general, I am proud that I attempted these goals and even accomplished some. This upcoming week’s  WTHM will be posted tomorrow!


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